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Secrets of Stealing Fire: 
Our Most Advanced Peak Performance Training
Go beyond the basics with the Secrets of Stealing Fire and discover the same cutting edge technology and training systems now used by the Navy SEALs and Elite Athletes. This 6-week course is the roadmap to Stealing Fire, by hacking ecstasis in all aspects of our lives and creating a  lifestyle of accessing peak states regularly in a safe and skillful manner. 
Important note: Because you're in the Stealing Fire community, we've opted to let you skip the normal learning progression and go straight to the good stuff! In this video, Jamie describes the course as "Flow Performance" which is how we name it in our normal offering, and mentions "Flow Fundamentals" which is our introductory course you can go back and take if you'd like. But if you're fired up from the book and here for the highest octane content you can get your mitts on--this is your hall pass to cut to the front of the line!
After reading Stealing Fire, you are primed to take what you've learned to the next level 
and eligible for $500 off your tuition for Secrets of Stealing Fire.
Apply for Secrets of Stealing Fire and secure your interview with a  $100 deposit to book your interview with a member of the Flow Genome Project team.
* The interview is to determine if you have the right physical health, mental stamina and personal integrity needed to make it through the program.

All interviews will be scheduled within 7 days of confirmation, wherever possible. * 

If either you or Flow Genome Project decide not to move forward with the training, your deposit is fully and immediately refundable.
The Journey Need Not End Here 
For the first time ever, Secrets of Stealing Fire makes available – to a curated group of top performers– the same cutting edge technology and the same training systems now used by the military and elite athletes to induce and train flow states – and ensures, if you do the work, to teach you how to access peak performance states at will. 

Participation in this 6-week long training program is limited to a focused small group of carefully selected participants. Each of whom will be rigorously screened to ensure they have the physical health, mental stamina and personal integrity needed to make it through the program.
The Stealing Fire Training Program
We have all experienced the peak performance state known as Flow. Time slows down …our inner critic vanishes … action and awareness merge … and for a priceless moment, we find ourselves operating with near-perfect performance and near-perfect decision-making. In flow, we effortlessly score the winning basket…close the critical deal, solve the intractable problem. We feel our best and perform our best.

The trouble is, most of us access flow-states rarely and unpredictably—as powerful as they are, we’re powerless to reproduce them when we need them most.

Which is why many turn to hacking ecstasis in sticky, dangerous, and unreliable ways. We explored the benefits and dangers of ecstasis in our bestselling book, Stealing Fire. 

Now, we're inviting you to join us in our most advanced training on the safest, most reliable methods for hacking ecstasis in all aspects of our lives and creating a lifestyle of accessing peak states regularly in a safe and skillful manner. 
Dive Into the Techniques of Ecstasy:
  • Hedonic Calendaring—Learn the safest way to enjoy all the best flow triggers, from the potent to the passive, in only ways that serve you and not lose yourself to them in the process.  
  •  Embodied Cognition—Discover how the body/mind system works from the bottom up, to turn off your personal narrative, defrag your nervous system, and turn on your peak performance state.  
  •  Substances—There's no ignoring the how drugs effect flow states, and in Flow Performance we will cover the myths of the state-sanctioned states of consciousness and explore what the most effective substances are for exploring and expanding consciousness. 
  •  Sexuality—Sex is the most ecstatic practice of all, and in this program you will learn how to stack what you've learned from respiration, to substances and to your sexuality your most reliable and effective way to steal fire. 
  •  Performance Priming Practice–Develop a simple but effective preparatory practice you can use before any high-stakes personal or professional encounter to put you in the best possible frame of physical and psychological readiness.
  •  Gods, Gurus and Gobsmacks–Whatever your faith background is (ranging from dedicated in existing traditions, secular humanist, atheist, etc.), what are the roles, and how can we integrate and relate in a congruent way to the rest of this stack?
  •  And more...
Build upon the foundation shared in Flow Fundamentals. 
Storm the gates of heaven, steal fire and receive all the benefits, 
normally reserved for the elite and extraordinary, in Secrets of Stealing Fire.
What Other Students Have to Say About This Course:
"I feel much more excited about the next 20 years of my life as I look ahead after having experienced Flow Fundamentals and Secrets of Stealing Fire. I have plenty of new experiences waiting in store with the time, resources and commitment, not to mention a hedonic calendar where they can live until I/We unpack them.. 

Jamie, thank you for being an ecstasis deep diver who continues to put himself at risk beyond the pale of the body and the state! Your deep commitment to take others along on the STER journey is hugely inspirational and a contribution to the many people you touch."

Steve Hardacre
"The course exceeded expectations. 
The taste of rigorous experimentation and play I got from Flow Fundamentals was expanded in this course 100%. 

The guideposts and "home base" provided throughout made it easy for me to take my mini-adventures knowing I was safe and could always tap out. This wonderfully diverse and thoughtful group provided on-going knowledge, experience and support."

Lisa Maki
"This course has been a brilliant addition to my personal explorations and delivered more than I anticipated. I would say it was often like drinking water from a massive fire hose in the amount of information presented. Stimulating in a fabulous way. I am deeply grateful to the efforts of Jamie and Lucas and the massive commitment in orchestration."

Laurel Gropper
"There is no way that this course lasted six weeks. As promised, Secrets of Stealing Fire definitely delivered as the graduate-level course. Having the commitment of a small group who interacted regularly made it even more rich and beneficial. I am committed for the long term and have started to build the hedonic calendar to reflect it. 

It's tough to quantify everything that I have learned. The biggest overarching concept I learned is that there is no absolute path to anything. I can prime myself to overcome fear, anxiety, or just maximize performance, and I have the power to be present for all of it. I have a ton to work on and will keep using my calendar to reduce the required conscious decision investments. I am super proud to be part of this group and I look forward to keeping the fires stoked!"

 Ben Cipperley
"As I think about the last six weeks I find myself browsing across an expanse of content that I couldn't have fully anticipated. From purposive drift all the way to known issues this has been paradigm and pattern disruption.

Before this journey set off I read one of the previous class participants reviews. It said something like - "it wasn't what I expected, but it was more than I bargained for." To me, that seems about right.

The great paradox - there is no fire to steal, just the spark inside to discover and reveal. Effortless effort isn't something that can be led, sorry to say - but we all must bleed for this in our own way, my friend. This is just the beginning - there is no end."

Daniel Vining
Who Is This Course For?
Anyone. Actually No, NOT ANYONE.

If you are prone to magical thinking, fundamentalism (of any stripe) fuzzy logic, general vagueness of purpose, or addictive or manic tendencies, like to follow leaders, don’t watch your parking meters and a host of other obvious caveats, this course may NOT be for you. In fact, it could rattle your cage, upset your apple cart, and even make your life worse. That doesn’t mean it won’t be waiting for you after you’ve battened down some of the aforementioned loose boards in your platform--but for now, check out 10% Happier, it just might be a better fit. Seriously.
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All interviews will be scheduled within 7 days of confirmation, wherever possible. 
If either you or Flow Genome Project decide not to move forward with the training, your deposit is fully and immediately refundable.
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