Rocky Mountain Flow
2018’s Summertime Gathering of Flow Hacker Nation
Our live flow training weekend.
August 17-19, 2018
Three Days
Timothy Leary had it ALL wrong
Turn Off  (the digital distractions)
Tune Out  (the chatter in your head)
Drop In  (to mountains and community)
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Led by the Founder of the Flow Genome Project
& Author of the Bestseller, Stealing Fire
Jamie Wheal
Executive Director
Flow Genome Project

Along with Other Special Guests!

Weekend Schedule:
Friday, August 17th
Travel Friday––land at Denver International Airport (mid-morning to mid-afternoon)
4-6 pm: Arrival and checkin at event location 
6-7 pm: Cocktails
7-8 pm: Dinner
8-10 pm: Opening Session in StarHouse 

Saturday, August 18th
8 am: Breakfast
9 am: Morning Movement
10 am-Noon: “Practices and Principles of Hedonic Engineering”
Noon-1 pm: Farm to Table Lunch
1-3 pm: Embodied Cognition--Train Your Brain to Find Your Mind
3-5 pm: OS to UI--Relational Practices for a Complex World
5-6 pm: Evening Cocktails
6-8 pm: Death Over Dinner (a Jeffersonian Dialogue)
8-10 pm: Hedonic Yoga--the Art of the Stack
10-Midnight: Midsummer Night’s Celebration
Sunday, August 19th
8 am: Breakfast
9 am: Morning Movement
10am-Noon: Mapping the Way Forward
Noon-1 pm: Integration and Close
Lodging: You will have the option to stay with other Flow Hackers in Airbnb’s nearby, a gorgeous historic hotel in downtown Boulder and a limited number of onsite camping spots (priority given to need-based folks).
What is Rocky Mountain Flow?
Alright friends and neighbors--the time of year has come! It’s time for summer camp. But not the nostalgic-three-legged-races-and-s’mores-by-the-fire-camp--straight up, honest to god Flow Ninja Warrior Camp. This year we’re gathering in the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, right above the happiest town in America, Boulder, Colorado, for three days of intensive play, learning and connecting. “Tribe” is a hopelessly overused term these days, typically applied to a bunch of randos clumped together on a Facebook group--but in the case of Flow Hacker Nation, it’s legit. Folks who met last year at Flow Camp have traveled around the world to see each other, arranged frequent reunions, hosted badass dinners and salons, and forged friendships that have gone WAY beyond our initial time together. This is a gathering of that tribe, and you’re invited.
And this year, we’ve made some significant changes so that more of you who wanted to be a part of it can be. Specifically, the most common feedback we got was “looks awesome and I’m dying to go--but I just can’t swing the time/cost commitment. So, we’ve created a streamlined option to make it as simple as possible to say yes. Three days, $2750. Friday through Sunday. An intensive deep dive format that gives us the full arc of a group experience, while still making it possible to fit into budgets and onto calendars. (and for those craving a bit more connection--we’re hosting a VIP additional day Sunday for our community Blackbelts, Executive Coaching Program folks and special guests)

The time has come to take the gloves All. The. Way. Off… After launching Stealing Fire, getting ready to write our next books, etc etc, we’re officially and happily out of f*cks. So rather than being the finger pointing at the moon, we’re just gonna go right ahead and shoot the moon. Cool?
What does that look like? Well, a no holds barred introduction to Hedonic Engineering and the Yoga of Becoming. Sounds ridiculous. And it 100% is. We’ve been developing this for the past five years, and with the help of badass colleagues and courageous guinea pigs, we’ve got it dialed enough to share with our next circle of hackers.
We’ll take it end to end--from key daily bodywork practices to get you unkinked, standing tall and moving freely, to advanced breathwork, rhythm, melody and voice, to peak practices designed to crack you open, put tears in your eyes and smiles on your face.

In this program, you will discover...
Daily physical practices to undo all of that desk-bound sitting, alleviate back, neck and knee pain, reverse the gravitational sag of aging and feel fit and focused every day--even when you have to travel or don’t have enough time.
Mental and relational maps and models to manage conflict, solve wicked problems and test your biggest blind spots and assumptions--all without having to talk about your feelings.
The hedonic toolkit for mixing, matching and mashing up the most potent peak experiences imaginable--all by understanding the “knobs and levers” of neurophysiology.
What you look and feel like when you’re operating at the top of your game--and how many like-minded folks there are to connect with once you have.

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